What is Naturally-Aligned Life Coaching?

As a Naturally-Aligned Life Coach, I work with clients to create the best versions of themselves. Through all aspects of your person, I work one-on-one with you to return to natural harmony of your mind, body and soul. As a Naturally-Aligned Life Coach, I have a strong personal connection, deep respect and trust in the natural world, natural cycles and natural processes. I believe in listening to the deepest desires of our soul in order to realign our mind, body and soul into its natural harmonious state.


Who would benefit from working with me as a Naturally-Aligned Life Coach?

If you desire any sort of change in your life. Are you tired of taking things personally? Do you want to show up differently in your relationships? Do you want to know how to let go of the stress of work? Are you looking for more fulfillment, but not sure where to start? Are you tired of having no time for the things you love and want to change it? If you are tired of feeling a certain way and ready to change it. Or do you simply want to know how you can live your best life?

These are all types of things that I work with my clients on. If you are thinking about or just know that you desire or need a change - coaching would be for you.

I work with clients from all over. Which means, we don’t have to live near each other to work together (the brilliance of technology!), but I do also offer in-person sessions.

Curious? Want to know what it may look like for you? Set up a conversation with me below - I would love to chat.

What is Unique about my Coaching?

I was born a lover of nature and deeply know that I am here to help you connect back to your natural roots through the wisdom and guidance of Mother Earth. Through my own personal journey of natural alignment and growth, I know what is possible when you commit to yourself and aligning yourself with the support .

I believes fiercely that “you have everything you need within you to live your best life possible.” Through coaching, I lead with my heart to help you remember and refine your alignment of mind, body and soul. When you work with me, you will find the upmost compassion, down-to-earth and realistic support personalized exactly right for you no matter where you are in your journey. No judgement, simply support. Life is too short to think we need to figure it out all alone.


What does it look like to work with me?

The Process

I work through an incredibly personalized, thoughtful process when she works with you. My highest goal is to support you, wherever you may be at this season in your life journey.


At Harmonious Return the first step we always begin with is assessment. It is so very important that we take time to reflect and honor all that has brought us to this moment. If you have arrived here at Harmonious Return, chances are there are some things that may no longer be serving you. During this phase, we thoughtfully work together to define what should stay, what can be released and what needs to be re-evaluated to create the best version of your life.


From your assessment, we begin to talk through, create and explore what this new path may look like. The creation phase it is full of energy and excitement as we fine-tune an intentional roadmap for you. What are the goals you are working towards? With this, an important part is that we specifically focus on meeting you where you are. This is your best life you are creating. We want to make this process gentle and reasonable so that it isn’t just a temporary solution. From this place of creation, we will uncover the best approach to the experiential phase.


This is when the magic happens. You can learn all you want through listening, watching and reading, but until you actually experience these ideas and changes, it is hard to understand within. This is the part where you actually start to embody how these aligned shifts feel in your mind, body and soul. This is where the nature-connection is rich. The sky is the limit here, but we begin to bring in natural elements here to gain a deeper understanding of what this new path may look like. This could range from nature-based visualization, nature immersion, exploration, observation, play or many other techniques. We build off of the earlier phases and knowledge of your deepest desires to support you in bringing your created life to fruition. During this phase, through the act of experience, your brain begins to understand and make new pathways towards the life you are ready for.


Incorporation is a huge part of your plan. You have done all of this beautiful work to get to this point, so the highest goal is to make sure it works for you and not against. Here, we personalize your plan even further. After each session or retreat, we make sure you walk away with digestible action items that work with your life, not against. This process is extremely collaborative in what will realistically work for you. You will be set up for success.


Throughout the entire process, you will be held up and supported. I truly have your best interest in mind and strive to support you in any way she can. Through email, phone calls or your preferred method of contact, I am available. I am here to be your guide through the process of bringing you back into harmony with what is already deep inside of you.

I would be honored to support you.




When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
— Rumi