07: What is Nature? Why do I care so much?

In this episode of Naturally Reconnected, Taylor dives deep into the heart of nature and natural products and explains why non-natural products are so detrimental to our health. She begins to approach this tough topic on how we can begin to shift our lifestyles away from harmful toxic products and foods to a more natural way.

In order to live an aligned life, the first and foremost thing you must do is eliminate the toxins in your life so your body isn’t spending all of it’s energy fighting foreign substances in your body instead of restoring and promoting your health.

Simple rules of thumb to follow:

  • Water – always filtered, not bottled.

  • Food – Whole food, non-GMO, organic food the best and should make up for the majority of your diet.

  • Personal Care products – This is where you can start to educate yourself on your products. You can scan your products here at Think Dirty or Healthy Living. The apps will provide you with safe options. Also, if you want great products that have 100% guarantee Beauty Counter is leading the charge in Safer Beauty.

  • Fragrance (Synthetic candles, perfume, air fresheners) Only essential oils are safe. Essential oil diffusers are great for the home and car, or candles made from soy or beeswax scented only with essential oils. (Plants are also excellent air purifiers as well).

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This week’s question: What is something you use frequently that you would like to switch over to natural ingredients?