09: Ageism - the Unspoken Discrimination

Episode Summary: In today's episode Taylor opens a discussion about a quieter form of discrimination - ageism. She talks about what it is, her experience with it, how we can become aware of it and how to live more compassionate lives together here on Earth. 

  • Ageism - is the discrimination of someone based on their age. 

    • This is something that is out of the person's control, therefore, the only intention behind commenting, shaming, or judging someone based on their age, is to harm. 

  • Taylor's experience with reverse ageism

  • Ageism with children

    • Undermines their sense of worth

  • Why is this important

    • We can become and embody compassion as individuals on this planet

    • Begin to see others through their eyes

  • How can we do this

    • Awareness

    • Begin to reframe our beliefs or thoughts

    • Everyone is on their own journey

    • Expanding your community

      • Include older and younger generations

    • Talk to strangers