13: Safer Beauty

In this episode of Naturally Reconnected, we talk to Olga Thorn on the importance and how to be educated on your personal care products. She is a wealth of knowledge. You will leave feeling educated and empowered!

Olga Thorn is a yoga studio owner, certified yogi, health coach, advocate for more regulation of the beauty industry and Managing Director at Beautycounter, which is the highest title a consultant can hold in the company.

After graduating from college with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, Olga planned to attend graduate school for biochemical engineering. But when she started practicing yoga in 2007 she started seeking a more holistic lifestyle and realized that her career aspirations did not support the health and well-being of the people or the planet.

As she learned more she was driven to share this knowledge with others in efforts to create a lasting change that would impact future generations. She has spent the last 13 years educating others on ways to reduce the negative impact we are making on earth. Three years ago when she learned that the beauty industry is self-regulated, she became a consultant for Beautycounter, a certified B Corporation based in Santa Monica.

She started a movement among her peers, building a team of over 1000 women so far who are lobbying for more regulation of the personal care industry.

Insta: @om_yogi
Website: www.beautycounter.com/olgathorn