“I have sought guidance from Taylor on a number of occasions where I have been struggling to make sense of where I am being lead. She is a true intuitive and has always been able to provide me with clarity, calm and sense of direction. There is nobody I trust more to give me and accurate and honest reading”.

Meg, London, England

“I was lucky that my path crossed with Taylor’s on a yoga retreat in Bali. I was immediately drawn to her energy. Taylor was so kind as to do a reading for me. I’m not one to often share, and especially not with someone I had only just met. Barely from knowing each other, from different sides of the world and so far away from home, I wasn’t sure what would come of my reading.

I was pleasantly surprised not just at how much was explored and shared. Taylor made me feel comfortable and provided a safe space to share and explore what Angels’s had to say. Even now back home and so far away, I am grateful for the time I spent with Taylor.

Taylor is a truly beautiful soul.”

Reebeckah, New South Wales, Australia

“Taylor's readings are so spot on and chill inducing! Plus, she's a joy to work with both on a personal and spiritual level. I walk away from her card readings feeling refreshed and inspired.”

Allison, Parker, Colorado, U.S.

“Taylor is an incredibly intuitive being, attuned to the energy of whatever is around her. My reading with Taylor was a profound experience. It offered a compassionate mirror with which to view my current season of life. The reading led to deep conversation and reflection, which gave way to the clarity I needed to make a decision I was struggling with. Shortly after this reading, I let go of a relationship that I knew wasn’t right, which cleared the path for me to meet my true person just weeks later. I would recommend Taylor’s presence and wisdom to anyone who is willing to truly grow.”

Laura, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.