Cut back on toxic ingredients, plastic waste and over spending on laundry detergent. This recipe takes five minutes and is helpful to your health as well as the planet.
Kale is a super food and excellent for nutrients, but we may not be digesting it and able to absorb those nutrients! Video on how to prepare your kale and start the break down process for more tastey food and easier nutrient absorption.
Quick pause to regroup, center and ground with me through one minute of breath work.
What the heck is a nature connection retreat and what will you do there?
Sounds simple right? Taylor walks through the information found on your seed packets to make your green thumb greener! Happy gardening!
Join in for my discussion on how to use journaling as a powerful self-inquiry tool for your own personal growth. I provide insight on why writing is so powerful as well as journal prompts to get you started.
One of my favorite tools when it comes to self-inquiry and guidance. Join in to hear about how to use oracle and tarot cards in your own personal journey.