10 Signs You are Out of Balance


For me, it was gradual. While there was one day which I call my turning point, underneath were a lot of days, months and years adding up to it. At the lowest of my points there were a number of things that weren’t right with me – mind, body and soul. However, the imbalance had been so gradual that it was hard to recognize I was so far off balance.

When I reached my breaking point, I simply did not have a choice. The only choice I had was to make some major changes in my life if I wanted to survive. Truly. And that was when I decided I had to do all that I could to turn my life around. And believe me, it wasn’t the snap of a happy finger. It marked the beginning of a long, but necessary, road ahead. Lots of changes to be rearranged to come back into balance with myself - mind, body and soul. But even at that point, I knew it would be worth it and I knew what we, as humans, are capable of when we listen to our holistic self - mind, body and soul and work to find balance naturally.

Just as each and every one of us is beautifully unique, what our ideal balance looks like is individually unique as well. So, what one way of living and being looks like for someone is not what it would look like for another. But first, you have to be able to identify that you are out of balance and here are some ways that imbalance can show up for us as indicators of our mind, body and soul saying “hey there, waving my arms at you to let you know something needs to be paid attention to”. When we don’t listen to what our imbalances are telling us, that’s when things escalate.

10 signs to recognize you are out of balance:

1.       You feel angry or irritated all the time.

  • Take a quick assessment of your overall mood for the last couple of weeks. Are you generally upset and irritated?

2.       You don’t feel like you have anything to look forward to.

  • Overall, life seems to be less than.

3.       You feel like you never have enough time in the day.

  • You just cannot catch up. Between work, home, relationships, health, personal time, it’s all overflowing.

4.       You wish things could be different.

  • You have an underlying “knowing” that there has to be more.

5.       You are lonely.

  • You may or may not be surrounded by people, but regardless, you have a underlying feeling of being alone and disconnected.

6.       You find yourself constantly looking forward to “someday when”.

  • You are constantly finding yourself saying it will be better “when”. When I get out of this job, when I can travel, when I pay off this loan. You only see your happiness in the future when things are just right.

7.       You are falling victim.

  • You find yourself placing blame on other people, situations or things for your unhappiness or misfortune.

8.       Your physical body is talking to you – brain fog, digestive issues, ongoing sickness.

  • How have you felt for the last few months? Have you noticed something going on in your physical body, but not thinking too  much about it?

9.       Your energy is gone.

  • No matter how much sleep you get, you just seem to feel exhausted all the time.

10.   You are consistently numbing to find some relief.

  • Numbing is a constant for you. Whether it be food, alcohol, shopping, scrolling, television. It’s an escape and break from reality that is necessary for you.

So, you identify with one or two or a few of these. Now what? Well that’s for you to decide. As a Nature-Connected Coach, that is exactly what I work with my clients on to find. A personalized support system to help them identify where the imbalance is, where their ideal balance is and how to close that gap. I know that within each and every one of us is the ability to not only survive, but thrive and create the best versions of ourselves through our natural alignment of mind, body and soul. Curious to know more? Sign up below to schedule a complimentary consultation with me.


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