Our Emotional Guide through Life

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With the click of a button you are transported to a memory from childhood.

Words come out of you like someone is pulling them out of your throat.

Your head starts to bob involuntarily.

You feel the sadness even deeper. You are invited to cry.

You hear the words as if you wrote them yourself.

The drums match the pulse of blood pumping through your veins.

You draw your hand to the knob and turn it to the right.

One click. Two clicks. Three clicks. FOUR.

And here you let it all.fucking.loose.

You scream at the top of your lungs and let the rage pour through you.

Your hand reaches out again to your kitchen ballroom partner.

You laugh, you swirl, you remember what it's like to play.

A daydream.

You hold the hairbrush to your lips and perform your greatest yet.

You CTRL+C and CTRL+V and hit send to send your lover words of beauty while you are apart.

Decades of time return in a moment the top hit comes on from your senior year.

You remember your haircut, the smell of the library, the stale fries from the cafeteria.

Another song.

You still. You cannot move. A tear. One tear and a lifetime of memories.

The deepest appreciation for something that is lost.

A captivated sea of people as he sings from his soul.

No one understands.

You put in your headphones and transport out of this world.

A place of comfort.

Of understanding.


World's best companion for any moment, any time, any emotion.

Our emotional guide through life.

From childhood to our last years.

Right there with whatever we may need right in that moment.

Knowing what we need when we don't.




The world's greatest gift.